Lonely Knight


The adventures of a lone knight


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Lonely Knight is an action platformer where you guide a brave knight armed with a sword and arrows to a strange creature's lair. In fact, this creature is an evil cloud that throws ice shards.

On your (brief) adventure, you'll have to deal with four different types of enemies. Though they may seem relatively harmless, you'll need to be careful thanks to the constant spores.

The strength of Lonely Knight, which is a very short game, is there is more than one way to beat the second and longest level. That means you can easily play the game more than once.

The fight against the final boss, the aforementioned evil ice-flinging cloud, is also pretty interesting. To defeat it, you'll have to use its own attacks against it.

Lonely Knight is an entertaining action platformer that could be even better if it had a few more levels.
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